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GN Corporation's Advisors and Collaborators

Scientific Advisor

日本大学 客員教授 原口 和敏

Visiting professor of Nihon University Dr Kazutoshi Haraguchi

Dr Kazutoshi Haraguchi is a pioneer in the field of polymer nanocomposites, smart hydrogels, hybrid nanostructures, and biomaterials. The association with him started in 2006 through NCRM, the R&D collaborating institute to GN Corporation on bio-inert scaffolds for transplant of corneal endothelial precursors technology which got a patent in Japan in 2016. The technological collaboration with his team during the days of Kawamura Institute of Chemical research further extended into bio-inert implants and fillers, some have reached clinical pilot studies. He graduated from Kyushu University in 1973 and received his PhD in 1978. He joined Kawamura Institute of Chemical Research (KICR) in 1978 followed by a post-doctoral fellowship in Liverpool University, UK between 1979-1981. He became a director of KICR in 2001, and Senior director in 2006-2014. In April 2014, appointed as Professor of the department of applied molecular chemistry in Nihon University, while was also a visiting professor of the University of Tokyo. He was a vice president of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan during 2016-2018. Dr Haraguchi is now continuing to serve as a visiting professor of Nihon University while heading the nanomaterial research projects jointly with GNC and its collaborators.


メビオール株式会社 代表取締役社長 吉岡 浩

CEO of Mebiol Inc. Dr Hiroshi Yoshioka

Dr Hiroshi Yoshioka, an eminent polymer chemist whose technological expertise have contributed to solutions in the fields of plant biology, agriculture, animal cell culture, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The association with him and his team started in 2002 for corneal regeneration using lab grown stem cells which was awarded a patent in 2009. Continuing collaboration has yielded novel solutions in cell therapy for cartilage repair, in-depth evaluation of matrix based reproducible chemically synthesized environments without animal or foreign protein contamination to augment cell therapy tools in various applications including urology and orthopedics. Recently, studies on cellular senescence and implications of micro-gravity have gained our importance on which a Japanese patent has been granted. Dr. Yoshioka graduated from Waseda University, got his PhD in chemical engineering in 1995. After serving in Terumo Corporation, GRACE Japan and Johnson & Johnson he with Prof Yuichi Mori co-founded Mebiol Inc and serves as its president since 2018. The collaboration with GNC beside solutions using cell therapy, focus on cryopreservation of cells and the transportation of cells and tissues between labs and hospitals to improvise the outcome of clinical applications in regenerative medicine.

Academic Partner

Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM); University of Toronto

Nich-in Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM), the Research & Development partner of GNC is an academic partner to the Training Program in Regenerative Medicine (TPRM) conducted by University of Toronto, since 2006 (

Dr Jun Makino of Edogawa Hospital received the completion certificate in NCRM NICHE 2018 held in Tokyo from Dr Masahiro Katoh (Chairman, Edogawa Hospital) joined by Prof. Ian Gallicano of Georgetown University.

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