Cancer Immunotherapy

GN Corporation provides technology transfer consultancy for Autologous Immune Enhancement Therapy for Cancer (
  India – Nichi In Center for Regenerative Medicine 
  Malaysia – Nichi Asia Life Sciences (between 2008 – 2012)
  Vietnam – Vinmec Hospital (Since 2016)

The technology transfer of in vitro culture of NK cells to Vinmec hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam was initiated in 2016 and accomplished in phases viz., (i) Cell processing facility infrastructure and equipment advisory, (ii) Training of biotechnologists from Vietnam in Japan, (iii) On-site, technical support in Vinmec hospital lab by Japanese experts (iv) Educational seminars to physicians, oncologists and (v) Interaction with regulatory authority in Japan, the PMDA and MHLW.

Trainees from Vietnam in Japan on completion of their trainin in NK cells and T cells culture:
Educational seminars were organized in Vietnam in which Dr Hiroshi Terunuma delivered technical presentations explaining the safety and efficacy of AIET:
Meetings with PMDA, Ministry of Health and Labour Welfare in Japan were organized in which the regulatory framework of Regenerative medicine law of Japan were explained to Dr Pham Manh Hung and Dr Do Tat Cuong from Vietnam by the ministry officials:

Experts visited the Vinmec lab for on-site hands on technical support before starting the clinical administation of immunotherapy using NK cells in Vietnam.