Nichi Glucan – Beta Glucan Food Supplement

Unique food supplements made in Japan

Nichi Glucan – Beta Glucan Food Supplement

Nichi Glucans are a range of health food supplement products containing β-1, 3-1, 6- glucans, produced by different strains of Aureobasidium Pullulans (Black Yeast).

The AFO-202 strain produce in granule form are available in the brands “Nichi Glucan” and “Nichi GLOW“, while the N-163 strain produce in gel form is marketed in the brands “Nichi Glucan-REFIX” and “Neu-REFIX“; which are Biological Response Modifier Glucans (BRMG).

Nichi Glucans being secreted as an exo-polysaccharide in bio-reactors in a GMP certified facility and doesnt require any extraction and/or purification process make them unique, and being water soluble are easy to consume orally. They have pre-biotic properties and have beneficial immune enhancement and modulation potentials proven in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

In Japan, it is approved as a food additive, and has been supporting health-conscious people for many years since 1996; not a drug or cure to any illness and whose approval status vary between countries.

GN Corporation has been introducing this excellent Japanese product to overseas markets, and has been conducting pilot studies and clinical trials in Japan and overseas to elucidate its mechanism, and has published papers.

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