Research and Patents in Regenerative Medicine

GNC in collaboration with Nichi In Centre for Regenerative Medicine (NCRM) has been working on cell based therapies and tissue engineering systems and has developed novel cell therapy solutions in several specialties; including ophthalmology, urology and orthopaedics.

One of our core strengths has been the possession of technology (both materials and methodologies) for processing, expanding and preservation of stem cells, precursor cells as well as mature cells. With our expertise with a range of biomaterials such as polymer scaffolds and nanocomposite gels, advantageous cell culture and tissue engineering are feasible without animal protein contamination.



1. “Gel film for corneal endothelial cell defect treatment” Japan Patent No. 5863089

Obtained a patent for gel film for culturing corneal endothelial cells for use in the treatment of defective corneal endothelial cells. Once this treatment is established, a mission to save “An-eye for Eyes” will be possible. This gel film is also patented in India. (

2.”Cell preservation method” Japan Patent No. 6373241

We have obtained a patent for the technology for long-term preservation of stem cells and immune cells that are cultured for various treatments. It is a method that enables efficient cryopreservation of cells and highly efficient recovery of cells. 

3. Novel cell therapy method for male urethral stricture: Japan patent no: 6714247

This treatment method simplifies the otherwise required long clinical procedure, less painful patient with shorter hospital stay bringing down the healthcare burden, while providing longer duration of recurrence free status ( Has a market potential of USD200 Million in US.