Nichi Brite 3 Boxes

Nichi BRITE Beta 1,3-1,6 Glucan is a food supplement, produced as an exo-polysaccharide by AFO-202 strain of black yeast Aureobasidium Pullulans, in a GMP certified facility in Japan.

Listed as a food additive as per Japanese food regulatory standards; comes in granule form. Packed in a sachet of 1.5 grams (63mg Beta glucan per sachet) X 24 sachets per retail box.

Orally consumable, as such or mixed with food or beverage, to be preserved at room temperature.

Nichi BRITE is free from any of the 28 ingredients, notified in the list of commonly known allergens.

Commercially available in Japan since 1996; Not a drug or remedy to any illness, Not registered with GRAS (USFDA) or EFSA (EU).

Pre-clinical studies have yielded safety and efficacy in mice models of tumors & enhanced NK cell cytotoxicity in healthy volunteers.

As an onco-nutrition supplement, evaluated clinically, in pancreatic and hepato-biliary cancer patients undergoing surgical resection.

Clinical and pre-clinical study outcome are presented or published for reference by healthcare professionals; not to be construed as medical advice.


Nichi Brite 3 Boxes


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