Thoothukudi Medical College Dermatologists unravel a novel solution for Psoriasis Vulgaris using Neu-REFIX Beta glucan jointly with Japanese scientists.

At the MENA Conference on Rare DiData presented in IFPA 7th World Psoriasis conference, in Stockholm, Sweden

04 July 2024

A breakthrough improvement in clinical signs and symptoms of Psoriasis Vulgaris proven by skin biopsy, following oral consumption of  Neu REFIX Beta glucan for 28 days in a clinical trial conducted by the team of Prof. J. Thadeus, Head, Dept. of Dermatology, Govt. Thoothukudi Medical College, taking technical advice from Japanese scientists was presented in the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) Conference; The 7th World Conference of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis, held in June in Stockholm, Sweden. Prof. J. Suresh Durai, of Tirunelveli Medical College and Dr. Ichiro Miura of Obihiro Hospital, Hokkaido, Japan, meticulously evaluated the skin biopsy findings to confirm the improvement.

Psoriasis is a multi-factorial inflammatory skin disease that affects 2~3% of the total population.  About 20~30% of patients may progress to psoriatic arthritis, which affects the joints. The disease pathology being highly complex, and a definitive cure is not currently available, disease modifying treatments remain the mainstream of management. Based on the earlier reports by Japanese scientists in pre-clinical and clinical studies using Neu REFIX Beta glucans, Dr. Thadeus conducted this trial in 30 patients; 20 of them took Neu REFIX along with conventional therapies while the other 10 had only conventional therapies. In the study, 80% of the patients who consumed Neu REFIX showed improvements in their skin condition. Infiltration of lymphocytes in skin, the cause of skin lesions and inflammation were significantly reduced in them compared to those who had only conventional treatment. PASI Score, which is the gold standard for evaluating the clinical severity also reduced significantly in Neu REFIX group. Dr. Thadeus is planning to organize an International Seminar to commemorate the World Psoriasis Day in October where the findings will also be shared.

This journey started in 2009, has gathered evidence of safety of this allergen-free Neu REFIX compound in KK-Ay mice, SD rats, NASH and mdx mice models; clinical studies in healthy volunteers and Duchenne muscular Dystrophy (DMD) patients besides its efficacy as an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating adjuvant along with beneficial gut microbiome reconstitution, is now a hope to Psoriasis patients, added the scientists.

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