Autologous immune-cell therapy practiced in Japan, helping Vinmec Hospital after technology transfer

Hyperthermia system made in Japan, benefitting cancer patients, attracts the interest of overseas cancer hospitals

03Oct 2022

Combination with conventional therapy

Treatment of cancer using one’s own immune cells, natural killer (NK) cells and T-cells, called autologous immune enhancement cell therapy (AIET) administered along with conventional chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, practiced in Japan for long is now offered in Vinmec hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam, following technology transfer by GN Corporation.

Cancer patients from neighboring countries are now visiting Vinmec hospital for this treatment. Autologous immune-cell therapy, regulated by the regenerative medicine law in Japan, uses lab-expanded autologous immune cells, without animal proteins or genetic manipulation.

Benefits of AIET & hyperthermia

While increase in survival rate in cancer patients is reported by adding immune-cell therapy to conventional treatment regimen, the Hyperthermia system developed in Japan further improves outcome of cancer treatment as it targets the cancer cells which are vulnerable to damage at a higher temperature of 42 Deg Celsius.

To propagate these add-on cancer treatments to overseas hospitals, GNC Japan is collaborating with Yamamoto Vinita, manufacturers of Thermotron, the first hyperthermia equipment to treat malignant tumors, approved in Japan which has been installed in more than 300 hospitals in six countries. The latest Thermotron-RF8-EX version is a stand-alone system with Eight MHZ radiofrequency, uses electrodes of different sizes in combination to treat superficial and deep-seated solid tumors of the entire body except eye and brain.

Attracting attention from overseas oncology hospitals

Hospitals in Japan offering these cancer therapies receive patients from abroad for treatment. Recently overseas cancer hospitals have started showing interest in adding these two therapies to their existing systems for cancer treatment in clinical oncology services.

Accomplishments of GN Corporation, in adding value to Japanese technologies by inter-disciplinary interaction, developing novel healthcare solutions and global propagation were featured by Govt of Japan in the official YouTube channel of the prime minister’s office of Japan, JETRO Invest in Japan portal and a feature story sponsored by Govt of Japan in Bloomberg.

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