BEES-HAUS method yielding successful cell engraftment to prevent recurrence of urethral stricture confirmed; Manuscript published in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports

01Nov 2022

Male urethral stricture, which increases after the age of 55, has been treated by endoscopic urethrotomy and dilatation or surgical urethroplasty using an oral mucosa patch, but both have been reported with recurrence. In a paper published in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports (, it is reported that Japanese urologists have succeeded in confirming the engraftment of transplanted cells on to the site of urethrotomy, using a new polymeric scaffold developed by Japanese scientists.

This engraftment on the open wound of urethrotomy is considered vital to prevent the recurrence of the stricture after the treatment, making this BEES-HAUS appealing to be taken as the first option as it gets validated in larger studies.

At the NCRM NICHE 2022 conference, co-sponsored by Edogawa Hospital and GN Corporation, Dr. Akio Horiguchi, a urologist specializing in the treatment of urethral stricture, reported on cell engraftment, and Dr. Dmitriy Nikolavsky (Upstate Medical University, New York), a clinician in the field of urethral stricture, lauded this achievement. Dr. Suryaprakash Vaddi (India) presented a clinical report of BEES-HAUS cell therapy in six patients.

Click here to read Business Wire’s press release on the presentation at NCRM NICHE 2022, the International Conference on Regenerative Medicine.

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